About the Virtual Boardroom

As the sheer volume, complexity, and velocity of decisions rise across the judicial system in today’s challenging environment, all departments must seek more effective and efficient means to improve the throughput, accuracy, fairness, and speed of those decisions.

With the advancement of AI technologies, now is the ideal time to take a different decision-making approach- one that augments human decision-making and builds trust in automated decisions while assuring each department enjoys optimal outcomes.

Delivering smart services in the digital age is so much more than the automation of internal processes that result in greater efficiencies. Becoming an intelligent organization requires much broader thinking: it’s about uniting different areas under a shared vision of continuous improvement, enabled by analytically derived decisions.

This boardroom will showcase advanced methods for the judicial system to use analytics to gain unprecedented insights into judicial behaviour. The boardroom will present case studies on how historical data provides more information to a Judge or court to make more transparent decisions. Additionally, it covers how one can use this data to improve recidivism and reduce the instances of repeat offenders.

Benefits of Attending

  • Learn how to incorporate AI-driven decision making into existing processes to make your organization data-driven.
  • Overcome barriers to digital transformation to innovate service delivery, drive efficiency and help build a better future.


Time Activity
12:30 – 12:35 DigiConnect welcome
12:35- 13:00 Panel discussion with regional thought leaders
13:00- 13:15 Open Q&A session with the audience
13:15- 13:40 Case study presentation
13:40-13:55 Open Q&A session with the audience
13:55-14:00 Summary and close


Joseph Musolino

Global Strategy and Sales lead, Fraud and Security Intelligence, SAS

Joseph’s role in SAS is focused on Customer Advisory including C-Level engagement, digital and analytics transformation. This role leverages his experience in Government which has included Program Management, Solution Architecture, Sales & Marketing, Policy Creation, Operations and Compliance.

He began his career in the Australian Social Security department then subsequently moved to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), where he worked on several high-profile Business and IT initiatives such as the implementation of the New Tax System, Integration with Australian Customs and the Change Program.

Joseph left the ATO to start his own consulting firm (in the UK) where he worked with (and consulted to) a number of Revenue Administrations (HMRC), Funding Agencies (World Bank) and Private Companies (IBM), providing strategic and delivery consultancy. He has worked with over 75+ Tax, Customs & other Government Administrations around the world, helping them introduce new initiatives, transform and digitize.

Who Will Attend

This boardroom will host senior executives from the judicial system with the below profiles within the UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman and Pakistan:

  • Director IT
  • Director Risk Management
  • Head of IT
  • Head of Risk Management

About SAS

SAS is the global leader in business analytics software and is recognised by independent analyst Gartner as the leader in Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms, Data Integration and Data Quality Tools. SAS is recognised by independent analyst Forrester as the leader in Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions, Enterprise Insights Platforms, AI-Based Text Analytics Platforms, Real-Time Interaction Management, Enterprise Fraud Management and Anti-Money Laundering Solutions. For more information, please visit https://www.sas.com/en_ae/home.html


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